Bi-fold Doors in York

If you'd like to expand your living space... to open up the walls between inside and out... and bring warm sunlight streaming into your home... then consider ebor bi-fold. We supply a full range of bi-fold doors in colours, materials and sizes to suit your Home or Conservatory.

Bi-fold doors and your home

ebor provide a choice of Aluminum or PVCu Bi-fold Doors. Both are available in a range of standard colours or custom painted in a colour of your own choice.

The ebor bi-fold is available in a two-panel 1200mm Wide to six-panel 6000mm Wide.

Add on services

ebor can provide you with any Building that may be required: taking a window out, widening the opening etc, applying for planning permission if required.

Make the right choice - choose ebor bi-fold now.